2014 to Mar 2016

Dripping with Girls

I guess we are not meant to raise sons or have sons because our triplet gender combination turned out to GGG.  “Looks like you have 3 princesses!” exclaimed the Prof at my 18-week foetal scan.  They first scanned the identical twins and it was clear one twin was a girl, so that automatically makes the other twin a girl.  So I held out hopes for a boy in the fraternal twin, but after just a few looks, they are pretty sure the fraternal twin is a girl too.  Overall, I am pretty happy (whichever combi I will be) and my husband is just relieved the little ones have all their body parts intact.

We also saw 4D images of the babies which was very cool.  It was the very first time I’ve seen 4D images inside my womb.  They also tracked the blood flow of my umbilical cords, to ensure there is no reverse blood flow which can happen in multiples.

They did the usual calculations and that always takes a while.  Finally, the measurements were tabulated and checked with the Prof and then the sonographer flashed the charts to me and explained to me the measurements.  Everything looked good except for the identical twin on my far right whose measuring the smallest.  I asked if its TTTS?  They don’t think so because a clear sign of TTTS is an imbalance of amniotic fluids and they said my fluids were measuring well.  And she wasn’t significantly smaller, just about 10g behind her identical twin sister and 20g behind her fraternal twin sister.  I decided to eat a little more to help her out and maybe give her more words of encouragement when I got home.  I heard this helps.

My next appointment is in 2 weeks’ time and until then, I think I am doing the best I’ve ever been in terms of my mood, health and physical activity.

Having four girls is truly a blessing and it works out very well for us.  Our apartment is tiny and we only have an extra bedroom so the girls can share a bedroom easily. Whether they will learn to share every other thing remains to be seen.  But I think the bond they will have as triplets and sisters will be very special.  And they might just probably be the highlight of their classroom when they start school.  I just hope they don’t leave Livia out too much.  This makes Livia the Da Jie (biggest sister).  We still haven’t figured out if there is a birth order among the triplets.  My husband on the other hand has to learn how to manage the emotional well-beings of 5 females in the household but I think he is better for it, because he is going to get so much crazy love from his daughters.  He is already overwhelmed with the love that Livia gives him and he keeps telling me what a blessing that she is in his life.  I hope its true what they say about having multiple children, that love multiplies rather than divides.

“Some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls, look at me, lucky me, I’m dripping with little girls.”  ~ From the musical “Little Orphan Annie”

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