2014 to Mar 2016

Silly Questions

If Livia is the eldest, then what’s the birth order of the triplets?  Are they all second-born, ie. youngest?

How do they address each other if they are all second-born (a Chinese semantics problem)?  Are they all equal in status?  Livia will call them di-di or mei-mei, but does the order the gynae pull them out of me determine their birth order status?

What is it like to go from one child to having four? Does one just become an expert in having one kid or four kids, but never knowing what its like to have two or three?

Will I get their names mixed up by the time I get them home from the hospital? Or I will always get them mixed up?  Everyone else is going to mix them up for sure.

I am going to be called the woman with the triplets from now on, right?

Is Livia going to be lonely because the triplets share a sacred bond?  Is the fraternal twin going to feel left out since the identical twins share an even deeper bond?

Once Livia and triplets are about the same height, are they going to look like quadruplets?

How are we ever going to take parent-baby classes when there’s only 2 of us and 3 of them?

Am I going to feel sad or relieved I am never having newborns again after this?

We are going to get stared at in public from now on right? And people are going to ask us stupid questions too right?

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