2014 to Mar 2016

The Multiples Diet (Not)

Diet has been one of the most difficult things about pregnancy.  Some pregnant women often talk about gorging down their favourite foods and not feeling guilty. But its been totally the opposite for me.  I have stopped enjoying eating and this was the case for both pregnancies.  My reputation as a foodie has taken a major beating. Majority of foods really turn me off, including ice-cream!  Its much harder though with the triplets. I am not entirely sure why.  But my tummy has been way more fussier this time round.  I hardly post food pics on Facebook and for the entire first trimester, I could not look at pictures of food online and I stopped watching food programming on TV.

So what have I been eating?

In the first trimester, I barely ate much.  I lost about 4kg from vomiting and eating very little.  And when I did eat it was mostly junk food. For some reasons I really enjoyed burgers, onion rings, french fries and pasta.  But I soon hated these too.  I also ate a lot unhealthy instant food, and it was purely just to make my stomach have something.  I totally stopped eating all these when I entered my second trimester.

Things got a lot better in the second trimester.  I did not have any particular cravings and most food were still detestable.  But I enjoyed noodles, especially soupy ones.  I also enjoyed Subway sandwiches or any sandwich in general.  I sometimes treated myself to salted egg prawns, which is extremely unhealthy but oh so delicious.  Hotpot and steamboats were also quite yummy.  I also had cheese prata for midnight snacks. Most days I just ate whatever my husband bought for me just for the sake of eating. We have not been cooking at home much because the smell was just too much for me to take. I’ve also avoided hawker centres much to my husband’s disappointment.

I have however, started having a strong dislike for Japanese food and chicken that is cooked in any way.  Its so strange because these were staple foods pre-pregnancy.  I also did not like dessert in general, which is very strange to me.  I cannot remember the last time I had cake or chocolate.  There was one occasion where my friend and I went for Asian desserts and I ordered a decadent dessert that looked good and I barely ate much of it.  I started enjoying really spicy foods and I usually do not like spice, but I try not to eat them because they aggravate my heartburns.

I also no longer finished my food.  There’s always a substantial leftover so we no longer go to restaurants and order family-style dishes. Rather we just order one dish each, and I give Livia or my husband my leftovers.  Despite eating very little, I am surprisingly gaining weight though at a much slower pace than I would have preferred.

The one thing I am super guilty about is drinking soda.  Oh how I love soda.  I usually drink these once in a blue moon but for both pregnancies, I was mad addicted to soda.  I’m trying to keep it under control because its really not good for the babies, so I take little sips rather than drink a whole can.  And I am experimenting with replacing it with flavored sparkling juice.

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