2014 to Mar 2016

First Self-Administered Jab

We got through it!  Our first self-administered progesterone injection.

It didn’t go as planned.  First, we realised we did not know how to withdraw the progesterone from the glass vial.  We argued for a while about it: about what I saw the doctor do, and what my husband saw on Youtube.  So I took the vial, which was extremely tiny, and tried to figure out if there was some opening or something.  And I suppose I exerted too much pressure (barely any!) and the top broke. Shards of small glass were everywhere and I got cuts all over my hands.  My fingers were a bloody mess.  Not a great start…

Some of the oil obviously spilled but there was still quite a lot left.  So we decided to go ahead with the injection.  Then I decided to use my husband’s method of withdrawing the liquid and it was a mess again.  I let in too much air into the syringe.  He managed to push it out and said I did it wrongly.  I was like why didn’t you tell me earlier!  Oh well.

Then I laid down to get ready to be jabbed by my husband.  I was really freaked out.  I said are you sure you know where to inject?  Did you make sure the needle went all the way in?  He just kept quiet which freaked me out more and then he said its done!  Again, I felt nothing (my hide must be thick) but I felt the same ache right after.  Then I asked if I was bleeding and if he can put a cotton swab on it so it doesn’t form a lump.

I think it should go better the next time round.

(We finally found a video online on how to retrieve the liquid from the glass vial, and we were more or less and correct in how we did it.  Except that I broke the glass vial a bit too messily rather than cleanly).

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