2014 to Mar 2016

Heartburns from Hell

My heartburns were pretty bad with the triplets and it started from Week 5.  That was one of the reasons I had an inkling I was having multiples.  Having too much progesterone (which comes with having multiples) causes heartburns.  Typically in singleton pregnancies, heartburn does not set in until the third trimester.  And you can control the extent of heartburn with particular foods.  After I birthed Livia, I immediately rejoiced over the end of heartburn.

Then the weekly progesterone jabs started and I really have heartburns from hell now. It doesn’t matter what I eat, I will have it.  It has something to do with the progesterone slowing down the digestive tract, plus a reducing stomach size.  I can eat at 6pm and still be burping, coughing and having acid refluxes, instigated by the heartburn, at 3am. Sleep has therefore been terrible.  I also have to sleep upright which causes some backache.  The cough from an itchy throat (from the heartburn) also often enough causes spontaneous vomiting.

Its another week plus before I see the gynae.  First thing I am asking for is heartburn pain relief!

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