2014 to Mar 2016

Progesterone Shots

So I took my second progesterone injection at the GP.  I procrastinated till the last possible hour to head to the clinic.  Already feeling more heavy and even sometimes painful to walk (and I walk like a pregnant snail), I asked the GP if the shot can be administered by my husband at home in the future so I don’t have to keep heading down to the clinic.  He asked me if my gynae said we could do it at home and I replied, we never asked but I read online that administering your own progesterone shots at home was quite commonplace and he agreed with me that it should be no problem. So I requested the GP to take my husband through the steps slowly.  I am not sure why he needed to get an assistant in the room to witness my injection, I mean my husband was already in the room.   Again it did not hurt when it went in but it hurt after the shot was administered.

On our way home, my husband made a million and one jokes about how he was going to inject me.  I am a control freak so I asked him to make a red dot on the exact spot on my butt where the injection took place and then I asked him to put a bandaid on it and add another red dot on top, just in case the one on my skin got washed out.  He said it was unnecessary because the doctor showed him the parameters of where he could inject and I said I don’t care, just do it.  After that I googled for youtube videos that showed step by step how progesterone-in-oil injections were done at home and I will make him watch it before he does it on me next week.

It turns out this intramuscular injection is very common, especially among IVF patients. IVF patients in fact have to take them everyday to make their bodies conducive for pregnancy, and that kinda sucks because it does come with side effects like nausea, vomiting etc. Its after all a hormone injection.  I think my dose isn’t particularly strong so it hasn’t been much of a problem.  I feel a bit dizzy and nauseous a few hours right after the shot but it doesn’t last very long.  Its also not very painful if taken laying down (which means someone has to do it for you) but if you do it yourself, you are forced to stand up and that hurts a lot more.  The thing is if you look at the needle you do get a bit freaked out. Its a very long and thin precisely because the butt area is a bit fatty.  So the entire length of the needle has to be inserted into the butt and you have to put a bit more strength into pushing the needle as well because the progesterone is oil-based, so the liquid is thicker.

I remember a few years back, an IVF patient whose a friend mocked me for not knowing the real pain of having to inject oneself all the time.  I forgot the context of the conversation. I guess I am still nowhere close to feeling the kind of pain of constantly injecting your own butt, but I am quite close.  Plus all the other pains of carrying triplets.

On another note, I re-read my doctor’s note and finally figured out where my triplets were situated in my belly.  The identical twins are on my right and the fraternal twin is on my left.  It now makes sense why my right-side is a lot heavier and more painful, and is stressing out my bladder a lot more.  I am starting to feel the gravity pull on my belly a lot stronger these days which means I really should stop walking so often.  And they also advise that if I were to lay down, to lay on my left which is the optimal position for blood and oxygen flow to the triplets.  It makes me very restless to be laying down, and especially on my side.

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