2014 to Mar 2016

A Portruded Belly

I shouldn’t have used craftyacademic for this blog.  Its supposed to be my cute name for some craft projects that I’ve been working on and wanted to blog about, but I guess because I had the blog all set up I thought I’d use it for the pregnancy first.  I’ve been figuring out how to combine two blogs into one, but it seems confusing.  So don’t be alarmed if you see a change in the title of this blog, which really is for my pregnancy journey with triplets.

Today I happened to catch a glimpse of myself sideways in a full-length mirror at the mall.  I was shocked by how big I have gotten.  I am not a mirror person so I can go for days and weeks without looking at a mirror.  And remember I am only at 15 weeks. When I returned to Singapore at around 20-something weeks with Livia, nobody gave up their seats to me on public transport because I still did have a significant protruded belly.  I remember my friends remarking I didn’t look pregnant when I just got home. But this time, at around 14 weeks, people gave up seats for me on the bus and the train.  I thought, wow I must look very pregnant.  The weighing scale indicated I have already gained about 7kg, which is quite a significant amount of weight.  With Livia, I only put on 6kg the entire pregnancy and she was a 3.4kg newborn.  But it is really good for the triplets for me to keep steadily putting on weight, though bad for me once I deliver and have to shed the weight.   I will have to breastfeed aggressively to shed all those extra pounds.   Physically also, I feel very heavily pregnant.  For example, I make a lot of sounds when I try to get up or change positions on the bed.  Sometimes I will ask my husband to carry my bag because I feel its too much weight already.  And I am bit horrified how I still have a long way to go – I obviously have not seen how far my belly can really protrude.  No wonder so many moms of multiples are forced to go on bed rest after 20 weeks. Their poor knees and feet!

I never needed to buy maternity clothes because my dresses and skirts are all of stretchable material.  But since discovering it was triplets, I decided to buy just a few maternity items in case my clothes cannot be stretched further after 24 weeks.  In the worst case scenario, I’ll just wear ultra huge t-shirts.  Its so not glamorous but I really see no point in purchasing too many maternity wear.

Whenever I dress and undress these days, Livia sits in front of me and is amazed at my body.  I am not sure what she is thinking but her eyes look directly at my belly.  She especially loves to poke my belly button and then giggle.  I’ve tried telling her that “inside are 3 babies” but I don’t think its registered at all.  She’s there at every ultrasound too but I bet she thinks its some adult television programme.  I will need to do some reading up on how to introduce her to her in-utero siblings.  I am extremely curious to see how she will react when she finally meets them in person.

Lastly, I hope people will give me a break and stop asking me about the babies’ gender. Its apparently harder to see in multiple pregnancies. So I might not know anytime soon. The triplets will have to really cooperate during the ultrasound scan if we are going to spot their genitalia.  Well it can only be these 4 possibilities since there is an identical pair (which always has the same gender): GGG, BBB, GGB or BBG.  My friends all hope for BBG so there will be 2 boys and 2 girls.  I am betting on a GGB or BBG combination.  My husband doesn’t care as long as they are healthy and safe.

Its also been very, very difficult to think of one baby name to fall in love with, let alone figure out 3 NAMES.  I will like one name for a few weeks and then hate it.  And now I have to think of 3.  We have their Chinese names more or less figured out, but the secular names have been a headache.  Do we want them to be similar to Livia?  Or should they have their own unique names?  Should they all start with the same alphabet?  Should the identical twins have similar names and the fraternal one its own unique one?  The list goes on.  It sounds very superficial, but naming is one of the fun things of any pregnancy.  But 3 names is a real head-spinner.

There are other mind-boggling questions that I am also grasping with, and will blog about soon. I just had my usual midnight second dinner (without it, my tummy will never make it through the night and will growl and ache) and starting to feel sleepy, so good night for now!

Note to self:  Start taking pregnant belly photographs to compare to first pregnancy pregnant belly shots.  It will make many people gasp at the difference.  Another thing I’ve enjoyed in this pregnancy (and I really have not been enjoying much of it at all) is shocking people that I am carrying triplets.  I absolutely love the look on people’s faces. Its priceless.  When you carry a singleton, nobody gasps or looks shocked.  They say congratulations or insensitive people just say oh okay.  But when you announce triplets and that its naturally conceived, you will always get a reaction.  One taxi-driver shook my hand and said, I don’t know when I’ll ever meet a woman carrying 3 babies again so I just wanted to tell you good luck in advance.  Its been fun.

2 thoughts on “A Portruded Belly

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! You are the first and only person I know who has conceived triplets (let alone naturally). I agree that it’s hard to find the right blog focus or identity, so thanks for sharing your thoughts on your process. It’s probably much harder, I imagine, to come up with THREE baby names. We’ve been working incessantly on coming up with one. I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves and following how your little ones grow.

  2. Gosh thanks Pauline. You are the nth person to say I’m the only person they know to have triplets. We don’t even know twin families all that much ourselves, I’ve been burying my head in baby books catering to multiples because this is such a unique situation. Even in Singapore which rarely sees higher order multiples, even in this age of IVF.

    Yes I took the entire 9 months for Livia. We went through Penelope (when I was in Cornell phase) and Leah (when I returned to Singapore) and by the third trimester settled for Livia. You must write more about how Tim is feeling toward the pregnancy! I am sure he is super thrilled to be a daddy.

    I do hope we get a chance to bump into each other at some point because I just told Cornell History, it will be forever until I return. I imagine most people I used to know in SEAP would have moved on already. And I am still conspiring to finish and defend my dissertation via webcam so a trip is not even needed.

    Keep in touch, and take care! You are only the second person who found the blog, I wasn going to publicise it much later when I feel less miserable, I hope. But its nice to share my thoughts with people I know. Anyway, keep yourself cool, calm and happy, and send many positive thoughts to the little soyabean.

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