2014 to Mar 2016

Upsie Belly

Since 10 weeks, there has been a marked pain in my pelvic area.  At first I thought it might be just a full bladder, but the pain only alleviates slightly after I visit the toilet.  At 14 weeks, my mobility has been severely curtailed.  I no longer bend down, unless absolutely necessary.  I cannot turn around in bed without heaving and sighing.  I pant quite loudly when trying to get up from sitting position or when walking for more than 15 minutes.  I remember these signs very well in my last pregnancy, but they were not till pretty late into the second trimester and was only really a problem in the third.  I just started my second trimester.

I bought a pregnancy cradle in advance.  I lost my old one.  God knows where it is.  I decided to get a better one because the last one was very itchy.  I didn’t think I need it until I was at least 20 weeks.  But I decided to try it on today to see if it might alleviate my pelvic pain.  Amazingly it did, so all along its the weight of my belly that’s causing all the pain.  As far as I know, the size of the triplets combined is a piece of banana and a half.  I guess that’s quite big this early on.  Its been much easier to move and walk when I put on the cradle, and the new one doesn’t itch or feel uncomfortable when I sit.  It also comes with a cooling pad which is pretty useful for hot days, which is almost everyday these days.

Activities with my daughter has also been severely curtailed since I can no longer move quickly. So we read together in bed, or I sit on a chair and watch her play (or rather telling her to stop making a mess).  But I am guilty of turning on the television a lot of times to keep her occupied.  My husband makes it a point to bring her out to the playground everyday.  We used to go out everyday and walk  or visit a park but I haven’t been able to do any of that.  The last time I tried that, I almost vomited and felt like fainting.  I feel like I am missing out on her playground developments. She seems to be learning new things everyday.  I just realised today she sings along to eyes, nose, mouth, ears and fingers.

I am waiting for the next problem to present itself now that the pelvic pain is partially solved. Some multiple pregnant moms say they started feeling contractions at 14 weeks onwards, so I’ve been very attuned to pains and leaking fluids. Its a good thing this is my second pregnancy and I know the warning signs.

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