2014 to Mar 2016

Cabin Fever

The second trimester is finally here.  I expected to feel better.  But I do NOT.

I feel like I am languishing.  I can’t go out for more than an hour.  I find myself breathless easily.  I sleep most of the day.  I go to the toilet neverendingly.  And there are still short bouts of morning sickness. Suffice to say its been extremely, extremely hard.  On top of it all, I have the flu and I am suffering from cabin fever.

My husband is holding the fort on his own at home.  He is doing an amazing job on his own, especially with caring for Livia, but he is getting tired too.  It might be time to call for help with the household chores.  The house is really a mess.

We’ve been eating take-out for weeks.  Somedays I do have an energy explosion and can make it out to eat but then I quickly crash right after eating.  I’ve been wanting to get back to cooking but it hasn’t happened.  I even bought a brownie mix, and it takes no effort to do at all, and even that I had to ask my husband to bake it for me.

I hope things get better, energy-wise.  I am amazed how women carrying multiples go to work till they are 20 weeks.  I am at week 13, and I am flailing.

2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Hi, i came across your blog whn i was searching for c-section experiences. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with identical twins (MCDA). Wow with twins and feeling like i’m carrying tons of canned food around my tum and legs and feeling exhausted and hot i thought it was bad but i can imagine how much more tiring it is for you and take my hat off to you. Like you,i worry about my boys every single second,having 1 is already a worry, having 2 and wondering where they are wriggling in my tum,or why they aren’t moving as much etc really makes me not enjoy the pregnancy when you are constantly wrought with worries. I’m already 42, my hubby is 44 and we conceived the twins naturally to everyone’s surprise as well. We have a 15 year old daughter too who’s excited about the boys’ arrival. Anyway because of my other illnesses like diabetes and hypertension, i too worry about the pregnancy as previously i had 2 miscarriages. Now i have to inject insulin 3 times a day, record what i eat and take my blood sugar readings 7 times a day which is really painful. The things we go through for our babies huh? But am sure your triplets will be fine. Let’s really try hard to enjoy our pregnancies and not over worry or listen or read too much either as they give us evwn more worries. I wish you and your hubby all the best and will keep you and your babies in my prayers. Take care!

  2. Dear Joanna, Thank you for your note. And that is wonderful news for your family and its so nice you have an older daughter who is looking forward to her little brothers. That’s so sweet. I have complete respect for all parents who are bearing and caring for multiples! I used to look from the outside and never figured out the REAL challenges they face. Your boys are getting there! I wish you all the best too and I know despite the pain, its well worth it.

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