2014 to Mar 2016

Selective Reduction

It took one week for the idea of having triplets to process and by two weeks, we gotten used and even attached to the idea. On the very day we returned home from the doctor’s office, we agreed not to entertain the idea of Selective Reduction.  I later found out that in government hospitals, a proposal has to be submitted to the Bioethics Committee even before the procedure could be carried out.  I thought that spoke volumes.  The actual procedure was also risky and it could harm the other babies. Besides how does one choose which baby lives?

Still, information online about experiencing a triplets pregnancy in Singapore was scarce and miserable.  It was more or less one scary note after another:  You will get gestational diabetes! You will get pre-eclampsia!  Triplets stand greater risk for neonatal illnesses!  And the list went on and on and on.  I don’t have to furnish a full list of risks associated with carrying triplets here.  Just do a google search, the pages are endless.  I think the most miserable news for me was that a C-section was more or less inevitable.

After reading about the potential high costs of a multiples pregnancy.  I decided to switch gynaes. I highly recommend Dr. Geraldine Tan to anyone but even her office agreed that I should go with a public hospital where the costs are subsidised and where the doctors and nurses are more experienced with handling multiples.   After much research, I settled on going with Dr. June Tan, a senior consultant at KKH.  When I called to make my first appointment, the nurse told me that she would have to request from Dr. Tan if she wanted to take on my case because “Dr. Tan already has many triplets pregnancy cases.”  The nurse called me back ten minutes later and said Dr. June Tan will take on my case and she even bumped me up in her calendar.  I will be seeing her when I am 10 weeks along.

Our friends and family members also had time to process the idea of us having triplets.  There are those who are super enthusiastic.  There are those who are super worried.  And there are those who are just down right sceptical.  Everybody was less concerned about the pregnancy than about how we planned to cope with 4 children.  I wasn’t even thinking that far yet.  I remember with Livia, it took me until the third trimester before the idea of having to push her out of me sunk in.  After she came out, then I realised how much work it took to care for a newborn.  I think the same will happen to the triplets.  I think my mind will eventually adjust and figure out ways to cope when the time comes.  Except for buying the necessary babyware, you cannot truly prepare for what is to come.  I would love to have help.  Who doesn’t?  But I don’t subscribe to the idea of paying a lot of money to outsource help.  I would rather go through trial by fire.  I am more confident than I was before on the techniques of breastfeeding, kangaroo care, attachment parenting and co-sleeping.  I would however need to have more tricks in my bag because we will be dealing with 3 and not just 1 newborn.  So we still have a lot of reading up to do.  Still, we will hardly be the first parents in the world to take care of our children ourselves.  I think this is something Singaporeans forget.

I am feeling quite uncomfortable with myself already.  I feel extremely bloated, gassy and for some inexplicable reason, my armpits are always smelly.  Deodorants and frequent bathing doesn’t work!  My hormones must be on overdrive.  I still find food difficult to eat.  And even if I do manage to stuff myself, it ends up in the toilet-bowl.

So I am looking forward to see Dr. June Tan.  I hope she can explain to me what’s going on inside of me.

(Update: I changed gynaes and hospitals after just two visits at KKH.  You can read about it under ‘The One with the Amniocentesis” and “Why NUH For a High Risk Pregnancy”)

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